Vigen Sogomonyan’s rich style is fascinating and captivating in its simplicity. His world is a dimension where dreams can transform into reality, a world created by delicate mixture of bright colors and deep shadows as well as smooth sensuous curves and surfaces which are lush and inviting.

Vigen’s imaginary characters are presented in exotic and colorful costumes, and often captured during mysterious and intriguing interactions, sometimes with unusual but symbolic objects.

Vigen uses intense and vivid colors to exude the perpetual turmoil which exists inside the human heart. This turmoil is expressed through dramatic color combinations, facial and hand gestures, and through texture and surface of his paintings. The gestures of his characters as well as surrounding atmosphere exhibit both humor and tragedy within human beings and their relationships.

Sogomonyan’s discovery of mankind’s need for acceptance leads him to portray the rehearsed exterior which wails our innermost thoughts and feelings. His portrayal of this deliberate concealment of true being creates an inherent deceptive quality, which can be seen in the artist’s paintings. Within each character exists a shroud of mystery, which is immediately evidenced by the subject’s theatrical garb.

Born into an artistic family, Vigen was greatly influenced by art and decided to dedicate his life to it at an early age. His education and training gave him a solid background, while his love and fascination for worlds of mystery gave him inspiration for his paintings.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, internationally known artist Vigen Sogomonyan continues to create his magnificent works of art.